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Our experienced draftsmen are able to draw pictures according to your artful conception and can make your conception more perfect through tinting various PANTONE colors. You had better offer us samples or pictures of Crd,AI,JPG pattern with PANTONE value, and it is more convenient for us. We make it into the corresponding plate after designed the pattern.

   Hand printing: There are three printing boards in our hand printing workshop, they are all 48-meter in length, 2.2-meter in width. 500 screens frames of different specifications are suitable for printing flag patterns in all sizes.
   Machine printing: We adopt two printing methods: Flat Screen Printing and Rotary Screen Printing. The width of Machine printing can reach 3 meters and the length of the printing flags is without restriction. It is controlled by the computer in the whole process and our monthly output can amount to 300,000 meters.

Put the printed flags into the steamer after they are dried in the air naturally. The fabrics will absorb dye molecules completely at a temperature of 120 degree to130 degree, so the color fastness can be strengthen.

   Dilute hydrosulfite with water in proportion and then put the steamed flags into the water to get out the stain or dirty adhering to the flags.

     The washed and heat setting flags are send to the sewing plant to sew. There are many different kinds of flags such as national flag, car flag, table flag, advertising flag, etc. Different flag, different stitch. The skilled sewers can sew different styles according to customers' creativity.

     We generally pack the sewed flags with PP bags and usual cartons. We also can supply “tag customization” and different packing according to client requirement.

     QC inspect the flags again and the packaged production, to ensure the quantity, quality of the flags and to check whether the packing is in compliance with customers' requirements, the marks is right.

     Our logistics personnel send the flags which passed the final inspection to the corresponding airport and seaport as customer request.